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  • In-utero HIV transmission tied to higher rates of congenital CMV. A study in The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal found that in-utero HIV infection was associated with a sixfold higher risk of congenital cytomegalovirus infection compared with cases of HIV exposure but not infection. Researchers highlighted the importance of CMV screening for HIV-exposed infants, especially when mothers were not treated with antiretrovirals during pregnancy.
  • Older paternal age tied to adverse health outcomes in infants, mothers. Researchers found that infants born to older fathers had increased odds of premature birth, low birth weight and neonatal morbidity, as well as lower Apgar scores, compared with those with younger fathers.
  • UK surgeons repair two spines in-utero. In two procedures this summer at University College Hospital in London, 30 surgeons repaired the spinal cords of two fetuses with spina bifida in utero, and the mothers and infants are doing well. The surgery teams opened the uterus and closed the defect without delivering the infants.

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