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NANN Educational Products

NANN is committed to offering the very best clinical, developmental, and evidence-based products and resources for use by neonatal nurses at every stage of their careers. Learn more about select product topics below. For a full list of products available for purchase, visit NANN iLearn.

Clinical Practice

NANN's Clinical Practice products are the core foundational elements and resources for neonatal staff nurses, nurse managers, and advanced practice nurses in NICUs all over the world. Clinical offerings may or may not include CE credits.

Professional Development

NANN's Professional Development products support the novice nurse, nurses in orientation, and nurse mentors and mentees.

Family & Patient Education

NANN offers several resources for neonatal families. As part of the Advances in Neonatal Care: Family Teaching Toolbox.

Developmental Care Product Suite

The developmental care initiative is aimed at providing the neonatal community with several educational and professional development tools.

Policies, Procedures, and Competencies

Policies, procedures, and competencies are the foundation of patient care and drive nursing practice. With 24 policies, 29 procedures, and 31 assessments you can adapt, this resource provides a strong support to neonatal nurses and neonatal nurse practitioners and allows them to give the highest quality of care to their vulnerable patients.

Thermoregulation Guideline

The Thermoregulation in the Care of Infants Guideline for Practice will assist the obstetrical, post-partum, and neonatal nurses as well as other health care providers in providing appropriate thermal support/regulation in a variety of settings.

Developmental Care of Newborns and Infants

The Developmental Care of Newborns and Infants, 3rd Edition on developmentally supportive care of infants and their families addresses the full spectrum of neonatal care, from prenatal planning to delivery, plus neonatal intensive care and the transition to home.