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NANN's podcast series provides listeners with advice, tips, and expertise to better inform neonatal nurses, industry partners, and families of NICU patients.

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Collaborating with Neonatal Therapists

How can NICU nurses provide developmentally appropriate sensory exposures and better understand  how factors such as the environment, medical conditions, and interventions on brain structure affect infants’ long-term outcomes? NANNcast host Jill Beck is joined by Sue Ludwig, neonatal therapist and founder of the National Association of Neonatal Therapists to discuss how NICU nurses and neonatal therapists can collaborate to improve neurodevelopmental outcomes. Keep an eye out for Sue Ludwig's book, Tiny Humans, Big Lessons: How the NICU Taught Me to Live with Energy, Intention, and Purpose, coming March 2022!

All About NANN's 37th Annual Conference

NANNcast host Jill Beck is thrilled to welcome NANN’s Annual Conference Committee Chair, Rebecca Buchholz and Chair-Elect, Kristin Howard to NANNcast! They’ll share all the details about the fabulous lineup of education, late-breaking sessions and networking experiences in store for all attendees and NANN Fans next month at the annual conference, September 13-15, 2021. Get all the must-attend and don’t-miss details right here, straight from the leaders who have planned what’s sure to be NANN’s most informative and exciting event yet!

Human Milk

All NICU nurses understand the importance of human milk for vulnerable neonates. How do we support NICU families and mitigate the challenges associated with increasing rates of human milk in the COVID era? To discuss these issues, Jill Beck is joined by Dr. Diane Spatz, a leading nurse scientist in human milk. Dr. Spatz is an internationally recognized lactation professor, researcher, and clinician, and has developed a 10-step model for human milk and breastfeeding, which has been implemented in NICUs worldwide. Tune in to hear the 10-step model, as well as the latest expert guidance on breastfeeding in a pandemic, disparities in access to human milk, and the future of lactation education.

Nurse Scientists: Showcasing Your Research

On this episode of Nurse Scientists, Jill Beck, Media Esser, and Tiffany Moore are joined by Amy D'Agata and Stephanie Abbu to discuss NANN's Research Summit! NANN's Research Summit, sponsored by Mead Johnson Nutrition, is an opportunity for neonatal nurses of all backgrounds to showcase their research, network, receive mentoring, and be supported by a community of passionate nurse scientists. Amy and Stephanie walk through their experiences at the summit and what participation has meant to them. Jill, Media, Tiffany, Amy, and Stephanie hope that listeners will be motivated to start their research journey and inspired to participate in the 2022 Research Summit. All you need is one burning question to get started! 

Learn more about NANN's Research Summit. 

Safe Sleep in the NICU and Beyond

Jill Beck is joined by Gail Bagwell, NANN President and editor of NANN's Newborn Safe Sleep Guideline, to discuss safe sleep. Jill and Gail start by clarifying the difference between sudden unexpected infant death (SUID) and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) before diving into the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations for safe sleep. NICU nurses are instrumental in role modeling and educating parents on safe sleep. Listen in to learn how you can advocate for safe sleep environments in the hospital and after discharge.

Check out NANN's Newborn Safe Sleep Guideline, the only clinical practice guideline that addresses the challenges of implementing safe sleep practices in the hospital setting, and includes recommendations on how to do so effectively for children 1-month and 1-year of age.

Incivility and Bullying in the NIC‪U‬

Nurses are known to be compassionate, caring, and committed to their patients. These same nurses can sometimes be harsh and uncaring toward their colleagues. In this episode, Jill and Beth Bolick address incivility and bullying in the NICU. Beth, Professor at Rush University Medical Center College of Nursing, is a national speaker on the topic of bullying and incivility. There are a variety of ways incivility and bullying seep into the NICU - from gossip, teasing, eye-rolling, withholding business information, to even physical altercations. Beth and Jill dive into how bullying goes beyond the dyad of just two colleagues and impacts your entire unit and even direct patient care. Listen in to learn more about how to create a unit that is more civil and welcoming to colleagues and patient families alike.

Visit for some of the free resources Beth discusses.

Nurse Scientists: Bedside Nurses – A Catalyst for Change‬

In this installment of Nurse Scientists, Jill, Media, and Tiffany speak with Leslie Parker on the vital role of bedside nurses in areas of research. Leslie is chair of NANN's Research Institute Steering Council (RISC), an NNP at UF Health, and an assistant professor at the College of Nursing and College of Medicine at the University of Florida. Together Jill, Media, Tiffany, and Leslie dive into how integral bedside nurses are to neonatal research and driving change within the profession. Listeners will learn more about the importance of starting research, the resources NANN has to help, and the inspiring research Leslie is conducting.

Surgical Anomalies in Neonate‪s‬ 

Every NICU nurse will encounter a newborn or infant with complex surgical anomalies. Understanding the unique needs of surgical neonates is important as nurses anticipate their delivery, stabilization, and possible transport to a surgical NICU. In this episode, host Jill Beck discusses with Taryn Edwards and Melissa Powell, both surgical neonatal nurse practitioners, some of the most common surgical anomalies ranging from esophageal atresia (EA), tracheoesophageal fistula (TEF), abdominal wall defects, pulmonary hypoplasia, and congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Listen in to learn more about these anomalies and how to best support both infants and their families.

Nurse Scientists: Turn Your Burning Question into Research

Conducting research can sound daunting, especially to a bedside nurse with no formal research training. In the first episode of NANNcast's limited series, Nurse Scientists, hosts Jill Beck and Media Esser sit down with chair of the Small Grants Committee, Amy Koehn, and fellow committee member and former small grant recipient, Ashlee Vance, to discuss how NANN's Small Grants Program supports the novice nurse researcher. Together Jill, Media, Amy, and Ashlee hope to demystify some of the anxieties nurses have around starting their own research. Listen in to better understand the difference between research and evidence-based practice projects and how all you need is a burning question and some passion to embark on your own research journey! Learn more about NANN's Small Grants Program and submitting an application.

Advanced Neuro Imaging in Neonates

Neonatal neurocritical care is dedicated to addressing the potential impact and complications of injury on the developing brain. Early recognition of at-risk newborns by means of advanced methods of neuro imaging combined with brain focused interventions may result in the prevention or reduction of life long disabilities. Many neonatal nurses care for patients that require advanced neuro imaging, but have little training in how to interpret neuro imaging. Jill is joined by two experts in neonatal neurology, Kathi Randall, MSN NNP-BC, and Diane Wilson, MN NP-Paeds NNP-BC. Together Jill, Kathi, and Diane discuss advanced imaging technologies like MRI, how nurses can better interpret neuro imaging results, and how to support families whose baby requires neuro imaging.

Marijuana and Breastfeeding

Jill is joined by Carol Wallman, DNP APRN NNP-BC, lead author of NANN's position statement Marijuana, Breastfeeding, and the Use of Human Milk. Jill and Carol dive into the position statement, which recommends women abstain from marijuana consumption during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Listen in to learn more about the research surrounding marijuana and breastfeeding along with recommendations for how to support mothers that are using marijuana while breastfeeding. Check out NANN's official position statement and infographic on Marijuana, Breastfeeding, and the Use of Human Milk.

Eat, Sleep, Console

Jill is joined by Stacy Boden, CPNP APNP, who has dedicated time to studying and advancing the model of Eat, Sleep, Console (ESC) in her institutions. ESC, a model for treating Neonatal Opioid Syndrome, is used as an alternative to the traditional Finnegan Neonatal Abstinence Scoring System model. ESC has been praised for its family-centered approach, use of non-pharmacological interventions, and success with treating babies. Listen in as Jill and Stacy discuss ESC in depth, Stacy's success with ESC, and how your hospital might value from implementing ESC.

Supporting Nursing Research

Research drives the practice of nursing and is vital for propelling the profession into the future. NANN strives to provide avenues for members to become more active in accessing, understanding, conducting, and practicing research and evidence-based neonatal care. During this episode, Jill speaks with Dr. Media Esser, current Director-at-Large on NANN's Board of Directors, and Dr. Tiffany Moore, Chair of NANN's Research Committee, to discuss the ways NANN supports nursing research. We hope the conversation inspires all nurses to have the confidence to move forward with their own research journey. Learn more about NANN's dedication to research.

Celebrating Neonatal Nurses Week

From Monday, September 14th through Sunday, September 20th, 2020, NANN is celebrating Neonatal Nurses Week. This weeklong celebration is a time to honor nurse colleagues and show pride in being a neonatal nurse or neonatal APRN. In this celebratory episode, Jill is joined by Tommie Farrell, Kelly Roebuck, and Melanie Crisafulli – three NICU nurses at various stages of their careers. Together, Jill, Tommie, Kelly, and Melanie share advice, lessons learned, and their love for neonatal nursing. We hope listeners of this NANNcast episode feel inspired, supported, and proud to be a neonatal nurse not only during Neonatal Nurses Week, but always!

Utilizing Speech Language Pathologists in the NICU

Jill Beck is joined by Laura Czernik, MA CCC/SLP, a speech language pathologist from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, to discuss how beneficial speech language pathologists can be in the NICU. Speech language pathologists are not present in every NICU, but their services can impact developmental outcomes relating to communication, cognition, swallowing, and feeding in babies. Jill and Laura dive into how Laura promotes safe and efficient feeding and swallowing in some of the most fragile patients. Listen in as they discuss cue-based feeding versus volume-based feeding, nipple flow rates, tips for units that do not have access to speech language pathologists, and much more.

Starting the Conversation: Racial Disparity in the NICU

NANN believes in the equality of all human beings despite race, gender, sexual identity, or creed. While we believe all babies should receive the same excellent quality of care, the data shows that race and unconscious bias affect the care and outcomes of patients in the NICU. In this episode of NANNcast, Jill sits down with NANN's President, Joan Rikli, to discuss data relating to racial and health disparity in the NICU, steps NANN is taking to address racial disparity, and how nurses can drive change in their NICU. Jill and Joan are also joined by Nicole Dixon, Nurse Manager at Atrium Health, for an open, candid conversation on Nicole's experience as an African-American NICU nurse. While we can't provide listeners with all the answers, NANNcast is proud to help get the conversation on racial and health inequality started with listeners, as we strive to help create better outcomes for our patients and families.

Kratom and CBD in Pregnancy: Potential Newborn Outcomes

The use of Kratom and CBD by expectant mothers is a continued subject of study as we seek to understand the effects that these substances may have on babies. Host Jill Beck is joined by Maureen Shogan, MN RNC, to discuss these substances in detail. Maureen is currently the Clinical Director for a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) project on developing Neonatal Abstinence curriculum for mobile devices. Listen along to familiarize yourself with Kratom and CBD, and how these substances may impact mothers and babies in your NICU or Mother Baby Unit.

Preterm Gut Health

Gut health is critical in early life as it assists with growth, neurodevelopment, and drives the immune system. Diving into the importance of gut health, host Jill Beck is joined by Katherine Gregory, PhD RN FAAN, who has devoted her research to understanding preterm gut health and the microbiome. Dr. Gregory started out as a staff nurse with a drive to develop early markers of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Her questions and persistence led her to mentorships, advanced schooling, and the opportunity to conduct vital research on the gut and microbiome. Listen along to hear more about Dr. Gregory's journey, research, and hope for creating a vital sign for the gut.

COVID-19 in the NICU: Impact on Shared Decision Making

In May of 2020, NANN released a joint position statement with the National Perinatal Association titled Mothers with COVID-19 and Their Newborn Infants. In this episode, Jill is joined by the author of the position statement, Tiffany Moore, PhD RN, to expand on the unique challenge of creating a culture of shared decision making between the mother and clinical team during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tiffany, whose research focuses on reducing chronic stress in mom and baby, will guide listeners through how to best support parents and babies during these stressful times.

Parental Uncertainty in the Time of COVID-19

The NICU can be a scary place for any parent, and the COVID-19 pandemic is bringing new levels of uncertainty when it comes to having an infant in the NICU. Research is recognizing that the fear, stress, and anxiety parents carry throughout their child's stay in the NICU can manifest itself into post-traumatic stress. Jill Beck is joined by Dr. Katie Malin, a neonatal nurse practitioner at Children's Wisconsin who has focused her research on perinatal post-traumatic stress disorder and its relationship to uncertainty. Jill and Katie discuss how nurses can help identify and support parents experiencing uncertainty surrounding their ill infant, with the hope of creating better family outcomes.

Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) Awareness

Advocating for patients, families, and fellow nurses is a vital part of the nursing role. Jill Beck is joined by Jennifer Canvasser, founder and director of the NEC Society, to discuss advocacy and awareness both inside and outside the NICU. It is the hope of this NANNcast episode to inspire nurses everywhere to not only advocate for Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) prevention and treatment, but for the general safety and health of the broader NICU community as well. 

Understanding Palliative Care

Jill Beck speaks with Dr. Christine A. Fortney, the Advances in Neonatal Care guest editor, and assistant professor at The Ohio State University College of Nursing, to discuss the Journal's upcoming special series on palliative care. Often misunderstood by both health professionals and families, palliative care has become synonymous with end of life care – a limited definition that does not contain the full scope of palliative care. Dr. Fortney covers how to appropriately define palliative care, explains benefits of palliative care, and discusses the perspectives of both health professionals and parents when it comes to having patients in a palliative care program. 

The Healing Power of Music

What makes music therapy so vital in the NICU? This episode of NANNcast explores how to utilize music therapy in ways that are healing for both patients and families. Jill Beck sits down with Laura Cerulli, a music therapist out of Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, to discuss the power of sound, voice, song and how our tiniest patients can benefit from music therapy.

Language Nutrition in the NICU

Positive sensory experiences are vital for promoting optimal neurodevelopmental outcomes. That's why Baby Bookworms, a NICU reading program that focuses on language nutrition, aims to provide positive experiences for NICU babies during the early, most delicate period of neurodevelopment. Sarah Bakke, BSN RNC-NIC, of Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children joins Jill Beck to discuss the importance of language nutrition and how the Baby Bookworms program was implemented.

Your NICU is a Neuro NICU

Jill Beck is joined by Jennifer O'Malley, BSN RNC-NIC, of Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children. In NANNcast's first episode, Jill and Jennifer explore strategies for optimizing neurodevelopmental outcomes by treating every NICU as a Neuro NICU. Dive into how a strong neurodevelopmental program is essential for improving long term outcomes of NICU patients.

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About NANNcast's Host 

Jill Beck, MSN RNC-NIC 

Jill Beck Headshot

Jill Beck has been a certified NICU nurse for 18 years and is currently a clinical staff nurse in a Level IV NICU at Nemours/AI duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware. There, she is also an ECMO specialist and a member of the NICU team in the Advanced Delivery Program. Jill loves research and QI, and her passion began at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital's NICU in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she was a lead member of the Quality Improvement Committee. There, she worked on various QI initiatives across many disciplines and acted as a mentor for staff for their ongoing research. As a lead investigator on QI initiatives, Jill had the opportunity to share her results with fellow NICU nurses at the local, national, and international levels.

Jill Beck is a proud fellow of NANN's 2018 Emerging Leader Fellowship program, which has taught her invaluable lessons and given her the confidence to pursue the impossible. Through the fellowship, she developed the concept of NANNcast and now serves as the podcast's host. Jill aims for NANNcast to be a platform for sharing new innovations and hot topics in neonatology with the hope of creating better patient outcomes for tiny babies! 


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