Research Propelling Neonatal Nursing into the Future

NANN believes that research drives the practice of neonatal nursing. For this reason, NANN strives to provide avenues for members to become more active in accessing, understanding, conducting, and practicing research and evidence-based neonatal care. The NANN Research Agenda outlines NANN's specific research priorities and is reviewed and updated on a biennial basis. 

The Research Institute was formed to support you and the neonatal community by providing greater access to and assistance in developing and advancing your knowledge and skills, regardless of your level of education or experience and research training. The creation of a research agenda, programming and dissemination, mentoring, and grants campaign are all a part of the Research Institute. The Research Institute is governed by a steering council made up of NANN volunteers who represent the interests of research in neonatal nursing.

NANN gratefully acknowledges the funding provided by the following companies and charter members of the Research Institute:

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The support of the Research Institute enables NANN to offer the annual Research Summit, the Small Grants program, and a carefully constructed research agenda. For more information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In addition to the Research Institute, NANN organizes an annual research summit, supports a small grants program, and encourages contributions to Advances in Neonatal Care, NANN's peer-reviewed journal.

Interested in seeing who is on the Research Institute Steering Council or other research-related committees within NANN? Check out the NANN Committees page

Research Summit

NANN's Research Summit allows neonatal nurses currently engaged in research or evidence-based practice projects the opportunity to present their research or projects to an audience of their peers.

Call for submissions for the 2022 Research Summit has closed.  

Small Grants Program

The Small Grants Program accepts applications from all NANN members with an interest in furthering their research interests and initiating their own research based or evidence-based practice (EBP) project. The program provides an opportunity for connecting those with little or no research background with experienced researchers to enhance their skills and promote the success of the research study or EBP project.

The 2022 Call for Small Grant Proposals is now open! The deadline to apply is March 18, 2022.

Research Fellows Scholarship

The NANN Research Fellows Scholarship is an exciting, new program that is an exclusive opportunity for NANN members and focused on empowering neonatal nurses with limited resources with the ability to conduct a mentored scholarly project. Throughout the duration of the 18-month program, each Fellow will prepare, conduct, and disseminate an Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) or Quality Improvement (QI) Project in their NICU. NANN Research Fellows will be provided with intensive opportunities, resources, and individual mentorship from the NANN Nursing Research Committee over the course of the program. The deadline to apply for a 2021 Fellows Scholarship has passed.

Research Surveys

NANN supports the research efforts of its members and has established a means for researchers to distribute research surveys. Surveys are reviewed and approved by the NANN Research Committee, and Institutional Review Board approvals for each survey are on file at NANN's national office. Download an application form for more information about having a research survey approved for distribution through NANN.