Leadership Award

The recipient of the Leadership Award has an outstanding teaching ability, is able to mobilize and unify others for the improvement of neonatal care, and has a vision for the future practice of neonatal nursing.

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Candidates will be able to meet the following criteria:

• Promote a learning environment through teaching, training, and coaching.
• Mobilize and unify others in causes for the improvement of neonatal care.
• Create a vision and inspire others by that vision.
• Proactively drive improvements.
• Facilitate and promote team building, staff growth, and development.
• Work collaboratively and empowers others.

Nomination Selection Process:

NANN members can nominate a peer or self-nominate themselves for the Leadership Award. Nominations must include one letter of recommendation and a CV. Submitted applications are shared with the Awards Committee. Committee members review and score the applicants based on their ability to meet the award's criteria.

Recognition and Reimbursement:

The awardee will receive complimentary conference registration, airfare/ground transportation stipend of $500, housing stipend of $500, and a trophy at NANN's Annual Conference.

2022 Recipient:

Leadership Leo

Francesca M. Leo, BSN RNC-NIC IBCLC

Past Recipients:

2021 - Katherine Newnam, PhD RN NNP-BC CPNP
2020 - Anna I. Lyaifer, PhD RN CCRN CLNC
2019 - Jennifer Hart, MSN RNC-NIC CBC NEA-BC
2018 - Erin L. Keels, DNP APRN-CNP NNP-BC
2017 - Jill Bauer, MA RNC
2015 - Judy Vitali, BSN RNC-NIC CIME CPFI CHBE
2014 - Kirtley Ceballos, MSN RNC PCNS-BC CLC
2013 - Carla Rider, MBA BSN RNC-LRN
2012 - Catherine Witt, PhDc NNP-BC
2011 - Suzanne McCoy, MS RN NNP-BC NE-BC
2010 - Shakira Henderson, MS BSN RN MPH CLC
2009 - Mary Ellen Honeyfield, MS RNC NNP
2008 - Melissa White, MS RN APN/NNP-BC
2007 - Christine Retta, RNC MSN CNS NNP
2006 - Terry S. Johnson, MN RNC ARNP
2005 - Linda Juretschke, MSN RNC APN/NNP
2004 - Phyllis Lawlor-Klean, MS RNC APN CNS
2002 - Nancy Burke, MSN RNC ARNP
2001 - Susan Furdon, MS RNC NNP
2000 - Denise Kirsten, ND RNC NNP
1999 - Karin Gracey, MSN RNC NNP
1998 - Martina Mayrand Leclerc, MHA RN
1997 - Donna Buchanan, MS APRN NNP
1996 - Mary Mason Wyckoff, MSN APRN
1995 - Cathy Theorell, MSN RNC NNP
1994 - Cheryl Liljeblad, MSN RNC NNP
1993 - Linda Grossglauser, BSN RNC NNP
1992 - Kimberly Horns, MSN RN NNP
1991 - Carol Turnage, MSN RN