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NANN Research Agenda

 The NANN Research Agenda and Priorities are reviewed by the Research Institute Steering Council (RISC) every 2 years based on American Nurses Association (ANA) priorities, National Institute of Health (NIH) priorities, and NANN member feedback. 

Research Priorities for 2022-2024

1. Health Equity
2. Care Beyond Tomorrow: Pandemic Lessons and Consequences
3. Family-centered Care

Research Agenda Items: 

  • Research Agenda #1: Influence and Support Neonatal Nursing Research
  • Research Agenda #2: Influence and Support Policies and Procedures Related to Neonatal Nurses, Patients, and Families 
  • Research Agenda #3: Influence and Support Translation of Research into Clinical Practice 

 Examples of expected outcomes over two years:

  • Priority given to NANN Small Grant applications that are consistent with the current priorities 
  • Annual Conference session highlighting presentations related to current priorities 
  • Team projects and papers related to a priority for publications in "Advances in Neonatal Care"