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NANN Mentor Program

Find, connect, and develop mentoring relationships with fellow NANN members. We hope that this program will not only strengthen the NANN community, but be a tremendous tool for our members' professional development.

How the NANN Mentor Program Works

A benefit of NANN membership that is accessible through MyNANN, NANN's Mentor Program allows both mentors and protégés to have flexibility in the topics they focus on, how they wish to communicate, and how often. With no set start or end date, the mentor and protégé can truly create a mentoring program that works best for them.

How the NANN Mentor Program Benefits You

NANN strives to support the professional development of all our members. Research shows that mentors experience increased job satisfaction from participation in mentoring programs due to the opportunity to develop professional relationships, reflect on their own practice, and participate in the development of others.

Protégés benefit from mentorship by developing supportive, impartial peer relationships and receiving advice and encouragement that can improve self-confidence and problem-solving skills.

We hope you decide to sign up as a mentor, protégé, or both! If you have any questions about the program, do not hesitate to reach out to Madison Fortman, NANN's Operations Coordinator, at

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