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NANN Membership Auto-Renewal

In response to requests for an easy, budget-friendly dues renewal program, NANN is offering members the ability to renew their annual membership automatically, using a choice of payment plan options. This seamless system will save you time, be easy on your budget, safeguard your information, and eliminate interruptions to your benefits. Please note, e-Members are not eligible for auto renewal.

How to Participate

When you submit your payment plan option form via fax or mail, NANN will register you for an easy-pay renewal plan and automatically renew your membership each year using the credit card information you provide. As long as you remain eligible for membership, NANN will:

  • Charge your card as noted in your payment plan selection
  • Continue to renew your membership using the selected payment schedule until you request otherwise
  • Contact you if your credit card has expired or if any difficulties are encountered during processing

Note: This payment plan is only available for Individual NANN and NANNP Membership, and International NANN and NANNP Membership. The plan is not currently available for Student Memberships or Chapter Dues. Chapter Dues: Chapter dues will be charged in full in the first installment payment and automatically renewed annually when opting into this plan. The installment plan is not currently available for chapter dues.

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