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Faces of Neonatal Nursing Photo Contest Past Winners

For more than a decade, NANN has been celebrating neonatal nursing through the Faces of Neonatal Nursing Photo Contest. We hope you find these images as moving as our members have.

2014—Clap Along! submitted by Carolyn Seng and Deborah Rousseau

2014 photo

2013—Sweet Stella Love, submitted by Cindy Beran

2013 photo

2012—Time for Some Girl Talk: Sweet Cailiegh and Her nurse, Megan, submitted by Theresa Zazzara

2012 photo

2011—Yes, Charli, There Is a Santa Claus, submitted by Laurie Ketterl

2011 photo

2010—I Trust You, submitted by Danielle Wiesner

2010 photo

2009—Little Feet, submitted by Cheryl Briggs

2009 photo

2008—Best Buds, submitted by Jennifer O'Dea

2008 photo

2007—Quiet Time with Mom, submitted by Cheryl Briggs

2007 photo

2006—Life, Love, & Hope, submitted by Christy Prowant

2006 photo

2005—Hand to Hand, submitted by Cheryl Briggs