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Emerging Leader Fellowship

The National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) is pleased to partner with Synova Associates to provide the Emerging Leader Fellowship (ELF) program.


NANN and Synova Partnership

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NANN and Synova Associates have partnered to develop the Emerging Leader Fellowship program open to all neonatal nursing roles. Whether your goals are to develop your nurse leadership skills, be a leader in your unit or institution, or become a leader within NANN, this program is for you. The focus of your personal leadership goals —whether they are association based or hospital based—will determine your program experience. NANN and Synova will provide you with goal-specific information and content aligned with your goals.

The ELF program’s objective is to grow and develop emerging neonatal nurses and APRNs who have been identified as having leadership potential. By equipping future leaders with translatable and transferable leadership skills, participants will be better prepared to succeed and flourish within their professional, personal, and volunteer environments.

Please note: Planning for our 2021-22 ELF program is underway. We expect to launch our application window in September 2021. Stay tuned for more information to be added soon!

What is the Emerging Leader Fellowship program?

The Emerging Leader Fellowship program is an eight-session program for NANN members who wish to grow as leaders through NANN, their workplace, or a local organization. The program encourages the development of leadership skills and giving back to the neonatal nursing profession through volunteering. Applicants must be NANN members in good standing or must agree to join NANN if selected. 

Listen to what our 2019-2020 graduates have to say about their Emerging Leader Fellowship experience.


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