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We Are the Voice for Neonatal Nurses

NANN is committed to developing and delivering the tools and connections you need to advance your career and evolve the profession.

Today, more than ever before, high-risk neonates have a better chance of thriving because of the advances in medicine and the dedicated care they receive. Neonatal nurses are on the front line, providing around-the-clock care for these most vulnerable patients. The National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) stands behind these nurses, supporting and tending to their educational and professionals needs.

NANN is an inclusive, diverse community of registered nursing professionals at all stages of their careers who care for newborn infants born with a variety of health challenges, including prematurity, birth defects, infection, cardiac malformations, and surgical problems. For more than 30 years, NANN has supported its members and advanced the profession by providing opportunities for members to

  • influence care for neonates and their families
  • collaborate with leaders and peers in their field
  • gain knowledge to improve their daily practice.

In 2007, NANN founded the National Association of Neonatal Nurses - Advanced Practice (NANN-AP), the unified voice of neonatal advanced practice registered nurses. Learn more about the benefits of joining NANN-AP.

Learn more about NANN's history and how the association has helped neonatal nurses since 1984.

Every year we celebrate your achievements and contributions during National Neonatal Nurses' Day.

Considering a career in neonatal nursing? Learn more.


Our Mission, Vision and Values


As the professional voice of neonatal nursing, NANN is committed to elevating and transforming neonatal care by providing the best care possible to all neonates in collaboration with our neonatal associates. We welcome all who share in this commitment. NANN provides best in class experiences that inspire excellence in practice, education, advocacy and research for all patients and families in our care.


NANN will lead the future of neonatal nursing care so that all neonates and their families are able to reach their best potential.

Organizational Values

  • Ethics and professionalism
  • Lifelong learning
  • Fiduciary responsibility
  • Collegiality
  • Trust and transparency
  • Excellence in practice
  • Advocacy for quality patient and family care
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Goal Areas

  • Education
  • Research and translation
  • Advocacy
  • Membership engagement