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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Excellence Award

The NNP Excellence Award honors the outstanding contributions made by a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP) to the field of neonatal nursing through exemplary practice, leadership, service, and education.

Candidates will be able to meet the following criteria:

• Excellence in the practice and art of the NNP.
• Support and development of NNP functionality through role modeling, education, and mentorship.
• Creativity in managing and negotiating the complexity of NNP practice.
• Commitment to advancing the neonatal nursing practice by leadership contributions made at local, state, or national level.

Nomination and Selection Process:

NANN members can nominate a peer or self-nominate themselves for the NNP Excellence Award. Nominations must include one letter of recommendation and a CV. Submitted applications are shared with the NNP Award Selection Committee. Committee members review and score the applicants based on their ability to meet the award's criteria. View the committee's scoring sheet here

Recognition and Reimbursement:

The awardee will receive complimentary conference registration and travel. Additionally, they will be granted a $500 travel stipend, $250 honorarium, and trophy at NANN's Annual Conference.

2021 Recipient:

NNP Excellence Savin2

2021 - Michele Kacmarcik Savin, DNP APRN NNP-BC

Past Recipients:

2020 - Stephanie McGuire, MS APRN NP-BC
2019 - Susan Dell Almarode, DNP APRN NNP-BC
2017 - Linda McCarney, APRN MS NNP-BC
2016 - Susan Reinarz, DNP APRN NNP-BC
2015 - Suzanne Staebler, DNP APRN NNP-BC FAANP
2014 - Cindi Acree, APRN CNS DNP MED NNP-BC
2013 - Pamela Heaberlin, MS NNP-BC
2012 - Terri Russell, DNP APN NNP-BC
2011 - Carol Polinski, MS RN APN NNP-BC
2010 - Kristine Karlsen, PhD NNP-BC
2009 - Patricia J. Johnson, DNP MPH RN NNP
2008 - Laurie Roselli, CRNP BSN MSN