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NANN Footprints

Every day in the NICU, neonatal nurses experience challenges, triumphs, heartbreaks, and miracles. NANN Footprints: Stories from the NICU shares the narratives of neonatal nurses and highlights their incredible impact on patients and families. NICU nurses care for the most fragile patients while acting as a cornerstone for families facing the unknown.  

The strength of NICU patients is reflected in the staff caring for them the most. These stories will be shared regularly and feature tales of compassion, hope, and perseverance found within each neonatal intensive care unit. While care for each patient is temporary, a NICU nurse shapes the lives of families and patients for years to come, just as these experience shape the nurses providing care. We hope Footprints inspires you as neonatal staff, families, or former patients.

Footprints Stories

December 2023: Mental Health for NICU Families–A Call to Care and to be Aware, Jan Riley, BSN RN CCRN

July 2023: Reflections from a First-time Conference Attendee, Jenna Davis, PhD, RNC-NIC, CNEcl

February 2022Journaling You Home, Jamie Burt, RN BSN

January 2022Dear NICU New Grads, Gabriel C. Hutson, MN

December 2021: Practice Compassion, Britteny Russo, BSN RN

November 2021: Watching You Grow, and Letting You Go: The Joys and Challenges of Primary Nursing, Razieh Alizadeh, BSN RN 

October 2021Beyond the Bedside, Misty Williams, MSN RNC-NIC

September 2021: Letting Go of Daniel, Jacquelyn Wallis, BSN RN RNC-NIC 

March 2021Grace Under Fire (Or Ice), Priscilla Meyers, MSN NNP-BC

January 2021Inspiration for Innovation, Rebecca Koerner, MS APRN CPNP-PC

December 2020A Not So Silent Night, Jamie Burt, RN BSN

November 2020: Harold with the Hair, Megan Watts, BSN RNC-NIC 

October 2020Pause to Remember, Julie Medas, MSN APRN-CNS

September 2020Life, Loss, and Why I Love NICU Nursing, Williette Walker, BSN RN CBC

August 2020 BonusA Heroine NICU Nurse from My Country, Salma Najjar, BSN RN CM CCNE CPHQ

August 2020Our Every Day is Their Once in a Lifetime, Lily Batchelor, RN BSN NNP-S

July 2020Committed to Care: Coping with COVID-19, Kailey Rinaldi, MS APRN CPNP-PC

June 2020Caring for Others While Caring for Yourself, Shannon McPeek, BSN RN

April 2020: Our Feelings are Valid, Too: How Emotional Labor Affects the NICU Nurse, Victoria Lemme, BSN RN

February 2020: The Baby that Brought Us Together: My Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul Story, Jamie Huynh

January 2020: The Striking Difference in Neonatal Care Across the World - Aimee Vaughn, MSN RNC-NIC, MGUH NICU QI and Patient Safety Coordinator, NANN Emerging Leader

December 2019: Guru of Neonatal Nursing - Christine Sturman, MSN RN

November 2019: Namaste - Sally Keller, RN BSN

October 2019: Noah* - Jamie Burt, RN BSN

September 2019The Story of Our NICU Nurse - Paula Piccoli

July 2019Honoring Families, Infants, and Ourselves - Britt Days, BSN RN

June 2019NICU Nurses and The Polarizing Emotions of a Twelve Hour Shift - Jacquelyn Wallis, RN BSN RNC-NIC

May 2019Partnering through Listening - Joyce Maloney, MSN RN RNC-NIC

April 2019Baby Trail...Lives Touched by One Baby - Angel Carter

March 2019Knowin Owen - Valerie Moniaci, DNP APRN NNP-BC

February 2019Remember, Mom’s a NICU Nurse - Jennifer Thomas, RNC-NIC

January 2019: Hey, Little One - Reena Blackwell, MSN RNC-NIC NE-BC

Calling All Interested NICU Nurse Authors!

Interested in sharing your NICU narrative? A NANN Footprints story should be relevant to neonatal nursing practice, relate a baby’s or family’s experience, and/or describe the professional development of a neonatal nurse. Please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for consideration!

The favorite neonatal narrative will be selected at the end of the year and the winner receives a FREE year-long extension of their NANN membership!