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NANN's Neonatal Nursing Professional Development Video Series: NICU Knowledge Share

Build your Professional Knowledge Base

Our NICU Knowledge Share Series presents NANN members in all neonatal nursing roles discussing topics and tips on everything from navigating your first year in the NICU, to bullying, communication, planning for your professional development, and more. Regardless of your neonatal nursing career stage, look for new videos on exciting topics that assist neonatal nurses across the career continuum.

Bullying in the NICU

The NICU is a special place where nurses are working hard to save the lives of premature infants, but this unit also experiences high-stress levels which may lead to negative behavior from co-workers. Erica Van Ingwagen, BSN RN CCRN, explains what workplace bullying and incivility may look like in the NICU and details different strategies and outlets to use when dealing with a bullying situation.


Making the Most of Your Professional Association Membership

Joining a professional nursing association is more than just an extracurricular activity. Kimberly Shaffer, BSN, describes the many benefits of belonging to a professional neonatal nursing organization such as dynamic education, networking, and advocacy opportunities. Her insights help neonatal nurses to get the most from their nursing association membership.

Committing to Lifelong Learning

Coming right out of school, most nurses aren't very familiar with the NICU setting. Heidi Thompson, MSN RN, explains why continuous learning as a neonatal nurse is essential to the job. She delves into different approaches neonatal nurses can take to remain lifelong learners, including belonging to a professional neonatal nursing association, networking with other neonatal nurses, achieving certifications and specialties, and seeking an advanced neonatal nursing degree.

How Do I Know I'm Ready For An Advanced Degree?

Have you considered pursuing an advanced degree as a neonatal nurse practitioner? Kristin J. Howard, DNP APRN NNP-BC, NANNP Council member and NANN Emerging Leader, shares advice on the timing and experience of obtaining an advanced neonatal nursing degree.

Why and How to Publish in Advances in Neonatal Care

NANN's journal, Advances in Neonatal Care (ANC), is an essential resource to neonatal nurses as it provides readers with new research and literature to improve the care given to neonates and families. The journal is always looking for contributing authors. Whether a novice writer or experienced, we encourage you to consider writing for the journal. Listen in as Samantha Alessi, our 2019 ANC Article of the Year winner, shares helpful insights on writing for publication in ANC.

Surviving Your First Year in the NICU

Being a new NICU nurse can be overwhelming as the NICU is a whole new experience for most right out of college. Kelley Thompson, MSN RN NNP-BC, is an experienced neonatal nurse practitioner who is here to help these new nurses navigate and thrive in their first year. Kelley touches on tips ranging from the importance of asking questions to seeking out opportunities for increasing your comfort level with various situations in the NICU.

Climbing the Clinical Ladder

What steps do most experienced neonatal nurses take to get to where they are today? Institutions provide a plan for nursing advancement while remaining in their current clinical setting called the clinical ladder. Nicole Dixon, MSN RN RNC-LRN, shares what neonatal nurses need to know about climbing the clinical ladder, developing neonatal nursing expertise, and advancing their careers.

Effective Communication in the NICU

Having open and honest communication with others in the NICU is essential for neonatal nurses. Based on her experience as an assistant nurse director, Britt Days, MSN RN, details strategies for effective communication with families and team members in the NICU.

Prioritizing Your Professional Development

Wondering how to start developing yourself professionally? Julie Williams, DNP CRNP NNP-BC, answers your top questions about professional development and shares tips for planning out and preparing for your development as a neonatal nurse.