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Research Update

NANN research drives the practice of neonatal nursing. For this reason, NANN strives to provide avenues for members to become more active in accessing, understanding, conducting, and advancing research and evidence-based neonatal care.

Research Surveys

Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses' Perception of Nurse Leader Behaviors and Their Impact on the Workplace Environment

All nurses are invited to participate in a research study examining individual and organizational factors associated with nurses’ practices of trauma informed care.

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Personnel Attending Routines Cesarean Sections

All nurses and advanced practice professionals who work in a delivery hospital and have knowledge of resuscitation assignments are invited to take a voluntary, anonymous, three question survey. The purpose is to determine the personnel assigned to attend routine cesarean sections (c/section) for infants >35 weeks of gestation.

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Does Shift Length and Fatigue Affect the Neonatal Advance Practice Providers Competency

Neonatal advanced practice providers (APPs) are often required to work prolonged hours in high-acuity neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). While shift lengths vary among APPs, it is imperative to understand how fatigue affects the APP’s ability to react in emergent situations following prolonged shifts.

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