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  • CDC: Contaminated Breast Pump Tied to Severe Infection in Preemie. CDC researchers described a premature female infant whose spinal fluid showed Cronobacter sakazakii bacteria at age 3 weeks and later developed severe meningitis and significant development delays after consuming milk from a contaminated breast pump.
  • Neonates May be Exposed to Ethanol by Hand Sanitizers. Ethanol-based hand sanitizers may expose preterm neonates in isolettes to ethanol vapors if providers do not rub hands until completely dry, according to a study of ethanol concentrations in empty isolettes.
  • Maternal Placenta Ingestion Tied to GBS Infection in Infant. A case report in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report described a healthy breast-fed newborn who twice developed late-onset group B Streptococcus infections, which were linked to placenta capsules ingested by the mother beginning three days after childbirth.

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