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You're Never too Busy to Help NANN/NANNP

Lee Shirland Lee Shirland, MS APRN NNP-BC

What does being an active or involved member of NANN/NANNP mean to you?

Some may view being active or involved as securing membership in an organization, reading the organization’s journal and newsletters, attending the organization’s conference, and voting in elections. Others may view active membership as serving on a committee or board. Being an active member means something different to each advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). Different APRNs have different job responsibilities and expectations depending upon practice sites and level of experience. The same applies to each APRN’s personal life. Responsibilities and commitments differ depending on the stage of life and career we are in.

NANN/NANNP offers many ways to become involved. Committees or volunteer activities require different time commitments.

No matter how busy you are, there is a way for you to be involved with your national organization. You may ask yourself, “What’s in it for me?” Consider this: your involvement benefits you with professional and personal growth and provides networking and mentoring opportunities throughout your professional career. NANN/NANNP have great potential to  increase member benefits but this cannot happen without increasing membership and volunteerism.

If you have attended a NANN Annual Conference in the past, you can be an ambassador for NANN/NANNP by encouraging your colleagues and peers to attend a future conference. This year will be the first year that NANN will offer select sessions virtually for those unable to attend the conference. The Advanced Practice Summit offers topics to help you provide evidenced-based care for babies in your everyday practice. Plan to attend the NANNP Luncheon to hear what the Council has been working on over this past year and what is planned for next year. The NANNP Council wants to hear from members about what your needs are in daily practice and how you think NANNP can fulfill them.  

If you are planning to attend this year’s conference, look for NANNP Council members and introduce yourself.  If you have thought about volunteering for a committee or task force, don’t be afraid to talk to someone in leadership, NANN staff, or a past leader in NANN/NANNP about your interest and to ask any question's you have about what it may entail.

If you are not able to attend the conference but want to speak to someone in NANN/NANNP, contact NANN at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 800.451.3795. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your interest and help you become more involved in your professional organization.

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