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New: NANN Thermoregulation in the Care of Infants - Guideline for Practice

Thermoregulation is the cornerstone of newborn care. This new practice guideline will assist obstetrical, postpartum, and neonatal nurses as well as other healthcare providers in providing appropriate thermal support/regulation in a variety of settings. Using the most current evidence-based research, the practice guideline provides direction for implementing best practices in the thermal management of the pre-term, term, and post-term infant. Included is a section that reviews skin physiology with a visual description of skin development in the neonate from 0 to 40 weeks gestation which supports the rationale for practice. Purchase your copy today!

This guideline was made possible through an unrestricted grant from GE Healthcare.  

Your Unit Needs NANN’s Policies, Procedures, and Competencies

NANN’s Policies, Procedures, and Competencies for Neonatal Nursing Care, Sixth Edition:

  • includes policies, procedures, and competencies based on the most current evidence available in the practice of neonatal nursing
  • features the most up-to-date evidence and best-practice protocols
  • serves as an invaluable resource for developing, revising, or refining a unit’s policies, procedures, and competencies
  • provides language that can be customized to align with individual institutional policy and local and state regulations
  • includes new competencies on neonatal withdrawal and aEEG monitoring as well as a new policy on donor milk use.

Take advantage of this resource by ordering your copy today!

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