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  • There's No Coronavirus Baby Boom—It's More Like a Baby Bust
    Many people predicted a baby boom due to more time spent at home during the pandemic, but data is showing just the opposite. Though lockdown began more than nine months ago, there has been a significant drop in birthrates in the United States.
  • UMass Team Finds COVID-19 Antibodies in Early Breast Milk
    Researchers at the University of Massachusetts set out to analyze the effects of COVID-19 on breast milk. A study of mothers who had contracted COVID-19 and later gave birth found that COVID-19 antibodies were present in the breast milk of 14 out of 15 participants.
  • The Life-Saving Benefits of Kangaroo Care
    Kangaroo care is one of the best alternatives to incubators and is commonly used when caring for premature and low-weight babies in low- and middle-income countries. Amid its widespread use, researchers are analyzing kangaroo care and finding more benefits that NICU nurses and parents should be aware of.

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