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  • Study: Gentle Touch May Improve Brain Responses for Preemies. Infants born preterm had reduced brain response to gentle touch than those born full-term, and those who underwent more painful medical procedures had the least likelihood of brain response, according to a study in Current Biology. However, the findings, based on data involving 125 babies, showed increased brain responses among those born preterm who had more gentle contact with parents and clinicians in the NICU.
  • Mixed Feeding May Increase Infants’ Food Allergy Risks. Infants fed with a combination of direct breast-feeding, pumped breast milk and formula in the first six months of life were at higher risk of developing a food allergy, compared with babies who were breast-fed exclusively, according to a study presented at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology meeting. Having a parent, and particularly a father, with food allergies was associated with a higher rate of developing food allergies, the study said.
  • Review: Moms May Breast-feed Longer with Support. An analysis in Cochrane Library of dozens of studies found women who received breast-feeding support were about 8% less likely to stop breast-feeding before their infants were 6 months old, compared with women who did not get support. The study found women who got support also were more likely to be exclusively breast-feeding at six months.

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