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Special Interest Group Update

In each issue, one of NANN's special interest groups shares information in their area of focus. 

Special Interest Groups at NANN Conferences

As neonatal nurses, you all have a shared love of caring for critically ill neonates. You work in the same place, but each of you bring unique skills and experiences to the NICU every day. You may be looking for a community where you can connect with neonatal nurses who share your similar interests and challenges. NANN’s special interest groups (SIGs) provide members with an environment to learn and network with like-minded nurses in the association.

NANN values lifelong learning and wants to provide exceptional professional development resources for our community. Our special interest groups allow members to interact with neonatal nurses from all over the world who want to focus on a certain subject pertaining to neonatal nursing. SIG members hone their networking skills while exchanging information in a no-pressure environment to bring back to their units.

Special interest groups are open to all NANN members, who may participate in any SIG they would like to join. SIG members participate in teleconferences, share ideas on MyNANN, our exclusive community forum, and gather in-person each year at NANN’s Annual Conferences. At NANN's 38th Annual Conference, take a break from the educational sessions or exhibit hall to meet neonatal nurses who share your specific interests. With dedicated hours just for special interest group meetings, conference is the perfect opportunity to get more involved with a NANN SIG!

NANN currently has 8 special interest groups for members to join:

Advanced Practice

Members with a graduate degree in nursing and a concentration in advanced practice neonatal nursing discuss nursing theory, research, physical and psychosocial assessment, appropriate interventions, case management, and care coordination.

Facilitator: Valarie Artigas, DNP APRN NNP-BC

Discharge Transitioning

Members investigate examination, assessment, and education on the systems, processes, and psychosocial impact of transitions from the acute care setting of the neonatal patient/client and their family into ambulatory care settings.

Interested in facilitating the Discharge Transitioning SIG? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Members discuss ways to advance neonatal education at all levels, promote personal development, maintain high standards for educational offerings, and advocate for support from the employers of neonatal nurses.

Interested in facilitating the Education SIG? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Members share concerns and expertise related to managing a nurse staff – assessing staffing levels and needs; doing budget planning and cost accounting; carrying out strategic planning; attending to staff morale; and dealing with change.

Facilitator: Janice Thape, MSN RNC-NIC

NNP Faculty

Members discuss research, curriculum design, implementation of best practices, and evaluation methods.

Facilitator: Michele Savin, DNP APRN NNP-BC


Members form research partnerships, identify practice issues needing further research, disseminate information on annual research conferences, promote calls for manuscripts for NANN’s own and other professional journals, and provide short feature articles and tips on research-related topics, such as analysis, instrumentation, and methods.

Facilitator: Amy Koehn, NNP-BC PhD

Staff Nurse

Members discuss hot topics and concerns, compare hospital policies, and share their knowledge and experience.

Facilitator: Brittany Kyle, BSN RNC-NIC C-ELBW C-NNIC

Surgical Neonate

Members discuss topics within the neonate community to improve the nursing care, management, and treatment of infants requiring surgical intervention.

Facilitator: Tamara Meeker, MSN NNP-BC CRNP

Whatever career stage you are in, NANN’s special interest groups provide many opportunities to members for finding community, networking, mentoring, and developing skills. To join a discussion group for each SIG, log in to MyNANN and click on "Special Interest Groups" under the Communities tab.

Visit MyNANN to join a SIG!

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