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Barbara Snapp DNP APRN NNP-BC
NANNP Council Chair

One of the advantages of a NANNP membership is the ability to reach out to your colleagues and ask, “how do you…” or “what is your policy for…” on the NANNP community on MyNANN. It is a great way to keep current as new guidelines evolve and practices change. It is amazing the long threads that are created as soon as someone posts about “gastric residuals” or “chest PT.” A change in practice is often easy to start but can be exceedingly difficult to stop.

I spent some time in the NANNP archives and found these recurring themes – some dating as far back as 2011:

Professional Topics Practice Topics
  • Covering sick calls
  • 24 hours shifts
  • Residency programs
  • Use of simulation
  • NNP schedules
  • Acuity tools
  • NNP workload
  • Transport
  • PALS for NNPs
  • Full practice authority
  • Treating the cord
  • Phototherapy
  • Umbilical lines
  • Types of feeding nipples
  • NAS
  • G-tubes
  • Glucose gel
  • Circumcisions
  • Gastric residuals
  • Ventilator management

Some conversations have shifted over time. For example, 24-hour shifts are still popular but are becoming less of an option due to safety and health concerns. There was a flurry of activity and requests for protocols when glucose gel got started and ESC (eat, sleep, console) dominated the pages for years – and still does.

Some topics, such as residency programs, will continue to be an active discussion. Some areas in the country are begging for advanced practice providers and others are flush with practitioners. As our faculty struggle to keep up with student demands and as we all grapple with the preceptor issues, residency programs are a great bridge between school and high-level experience but there are only a few places offering these programs. Perhaps our research colleagues will consider looking at these programs and their impact on patient outcomes and provider confidence.

These are all important topics, with some generating more discussion than others. It allows us to track the advanced practice pulse and permits us to learn about key issues. Often, the Council can respond with a formal paper outlining issues and workable solutions like the recent, “The Impact of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses’ Shift Length and Fatigue on Patient Safety”. Other statements, like “Advanced Practice Registered Nurse: Role, Preparation, and Scope of Practice” will be rewritten after the new APRN education standards and curriculum guidelines are published.

To obtain feedback in a timely manner and to learn about current issues, the Council plans to hold open discussions with members starting with the SIGs. Specific details will soon be published on the NANNP community of MyNANN. We look forward to these conversations with our APRN members.

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