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  • NICU to Let Mothers Room with Infants in Opioid Withdrawal. Magee-Womens Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center will open a special unit within its NICU to allow mothers to room with infants born addicted to opioid drugs. The initiative is aimed at teaching mothers to care for their infants while the babies receive treatment for withdrawal symptoms.
  • Prolonged Anesthesia May Increase Brain Atrophy Risk in Infants. Researchers, using MRIs, found that babies with gastrointestinal congenital abnormalities who had prolonged anesthesia exposure during surgery were more likely to develop brain atrophy symptoms, such as increased brain fluid, wider brain lobe spacing and thinner white matter tracts connecting two brain hemispheres, as well as clinically significant findings such as old venous hemorrhagic strokes and subdural hematoma, compared with healthy controls.
  • ADHD Drugs During Pregnancy Tied to Health Risks for Infants. Infants whose mothers took medications for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder during pregnancy were more likely to be admitted to the NICU and develop central nervous system disorders and had increased odds of being born moderately preterm and large for gestational age, compared with those whose mothers didn’t receive ADHD treatment and those whose mothers received treatment before or after pregnancy, researchers reported in Pediatrics.

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