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  • Newborn screening guidelines updated for critical congenital heart disease
    New recommendations have been published on protocol for detecting critical congenital heart disease in newborns using pulse oximetry. It is estimated that at least 120 babies' lives would be saved in the U.S. every year by using this updated tool. Training for providers and educating parents on screening guidelines would be essential in producing positive results.
  • Early respiratory distress syndrome caused by SARS-CoV-2 in a newborn
    In today's age, medical experts are still learning new facts about COVID-19 and its forms of transmission. After analyzing an infant who tested positive for COVID-19, it seems that horizontal transmission was the most plausible route of infection, perhaps through contact with an asymptomatic virus carrier. Some early signs of respiratory disease can look like COVID-19 symptoms, so it is crucial to go through COVID-19 testing to ensure the infant does not have the infection.
  • New Study Helps To Improve Detection of Disease in Newborn Babies
    A recent study shows that urine samples can be used to more accurately diagnose diseases in infants by analyzing the chemical levels. The urine can be used to diagnose multiple conditions such as metabolic disorders, genetic diseases, and birth-trauma effects. The results quantified 86 chemicals that had never been measured in newborn urine before and another 20 chemicals that had never even been measured in human urine before.

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