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  • In-Hospital Newborn Falls Associated With a Sleeping Parent: The Case for a New Paradigm
    As new parents learn to take care of their infants and cradle them back to sleep in the middle of the night, there is the possibility of the parent falling asleep in the process and the newborn falling onto the floor. Those who fall are at risk of head injuries and a trip to the NICU for observation. Clinicians are looking into new strategies to help reduce the number of newborn falls during nighttime feedings.
  • Infant Brain Circuitry Shaped by Language Exposure
    Although newborns can't explicitly say what's on their mind, why not give them a chance to add their voice to a conversation? New data shows that having an infant "take a turn" in the conversation with their caregivers can help stimulate activity in the language areas of their brain.
  • COVID-19 is Taking a Devastating Toll on Filipino American Nurses
    As the world takes on the hardship of COVID-19, nurses are on the frontlines caring for the sickest patients and risking exposure to the virus. Of all the nurses in the US who have been infected with coronavirus and died as a result, nearly a third were of Filipino descent. Researchers are working to explain this disproportionate toll.

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