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Lee Shirland Lee Shirland, MS APRN NNP-BC

Happy New Year from the NANNP council! We hope you had a fabulous holiday season. We look forward to working with you throughout the coming year. NANN is the voice for all neonatal nurses and NANNP continues to be the voice for the neonatal advanced practice nurse. If you have friends or colleagues who are neonatal nurse practitioners or neonatal clinical nurse specialists and are not members of NANN/NANNP, please encourage them to join. Our organization is only as strong and professional as its members. Together we can do much but alone there is a struggle to accomplish anything on local, regional, and national levels. New laws and policies that will impact our practice are made or considered daily. NANN/NANNP is your voice and is vigilant with keeping abreast of changes in laws and policies that may impact you now or in the future.

NANNP has a very busy year planned. The Management of Hypotension in the Very-Low-Birth-Weight Infant Guideline has been reviewed and revised and will soon be published. New clinical research and evidence is published every day and clinical practice guidelines can quickly become outdated. Guidelines require frequent review to assure that current evidence of best practice is incorporated. The workforce survey is in the final stages of completion. The Mentoring Toolkit also is in the final stages of production and will soon be available to members. The council is reviewing the data from the seniority staffing survey and considering a position statement based on the results.

A three-question survey was sent out by e-mail to NANNP members in December. The survey address issues that the NANNP council heard from members at the Annual Educational Conference and NANNP Summit concerning products they would like to have to assist daily practice. If you have not yet completed this survey, please participate now. Completion will take only a few minutes and it will be of great assistance to the council when considering product development.

Please take a few minutes and visit the NANN bookstore for products available to members. Many products are free and members receive other products at a discounted price. Some of the available products include High-Frequency Jet & Oscillatory: Resource Guide; High-Frequency Jet & Oscillatory Ventilation: Quick Guide; Competencies & Orientation Toolkit for Neonatal Nurse Practitioners 2nd Edition; Understanding Clinical Research, Precepting the Advanced Practice Nurse: From Expert RN to Novice NNP; Resource Guide for Neonatal Cardiac Care with Illustrations; and Neonatal Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition: A Resource Guide for the Student and Novice Neonatal Nurse Practitioner.

NANNP is committed to being the voice for the neonatal advanced practice nurse and providing members with resources that assist them daily in providing quality, evidenced-based care. To accomplish these goals effectively, we must hear from you. We look forward to a very productive year of working together.

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