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  • Researchers examine antibiotic use prevalence in NICUs. A study in Pediatrics showed that the overall antibiotic use rate in California NICUs dropped by 21.9% between 2013 and 2016, resulting in 42,960 fewer antibiotic days. The AUR among NICUs in externally organized antibiotic stewardship efforts declined by 28.7% during the period, compared with a 16.2% decrease among other NICUs, the study found.
  • Study shows benefits of giving newborns pertussis vaccine. More infants given one dose of the acellular pertussis vaccine at birth, along with the hepatitis B vaccine, developed detectable antibodies to pertussis toxin and pertactin at 10 weeks, compared with infants who received only the HBV vaccine, researchers wrote in JAMA Pediatrics. The vaccine status of the mother did not affect outcomes in the intervention group.
  • Boston hospital gets specialized MRI for NICUs. Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston installed the first FDA-approved MRI system specifically for NICUs. The MRI has a temperature-controlled, self-contained incubator that increases safety, controls the baby's environment, and monitors vital signs.

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