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  • Improving the Effectiveness of CPR Chest Compressions in Neonates and Infants
    About 0.1% of term infants and 5.0% of neonates receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) chest compressions in the delivery room. Despite the low occurrence, there are high mortality rates linked to those infants who need CPR right away. To combat this finding, efforts must be made to improve conventional CPR techniques for both neonates and older infants.
  • CDC Updates Guidance for S. Aureus in NICU, with Several “Unresolved” Issues
    Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) can be seen in NICUs, but more information is needed on how to combat this disease. Researchers have come together to produce suggested guidelines for managing hospitalized infants at risk for S. aureus and recommendations for expectant parents visiting infants hospitalized in the NICU.
  • Most Newborns of COVID-19-Infected Moms Fare Well
    When COVID-19 first hit, healthcare professionals weren't sure what to expect for infants born from a mother who tested positive. After studying COVID-19 positive mothers and their newborns, it was found that most babies rarely suffered from the virus. Some infants in this scenario were placed in NICUs, but in most cases the infant did not experience major health issues while there.

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