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  • Infants to be transferred from NICU to safe sleep environments fast, AAP reports
    According to the recent clinical report laid out by the American Academy of Pediatrics published in the Pediatrics Journal has revealed that infants should be transferred from the neonatal intensive care unit to safe sleep environments as soon as possible. 
  • Epidemiology, pathophysiology, and management strategies of neonatal wound care 
    Guidelines for neonatal skin care are scarce, and there is no consensus on the best management practices for neonatal skin breakdown. This review presents the pathology and phases of wound healing, reasons for neonatal skin fragility, and approaches to recognition of commonly encountered neonatal wounds. This review also provides general strategies for neonatal wound prevention, care, dressing, and management to avoid further damage to the fragile neonatal skin. 
  • Paternal depression may linger after child discharged from NICU
    Authors say there is need for increased attention to paternal mental health during infant NICU stay and after discharge to home. Parents with a baby in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) are at risk for depression, with fathers not seeing the same improvements in symptoms postdischarge as mothers, according to a study online June 18 in Pediatrics. 

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