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  • Perinatal Hospice, Palliative Care Give Parents More Options. The fields of perinatal hospice and perinatal palliative care have grown in response to advanced prenatal testing. Palliative care does not have to be limited to end-of-life care and provides support that follows the lead of the infant after birth.
  • Group Releases Updated Sleep Guidelines for Infants. The American Academy of Pediatrics released an updated policy statement in Pediatrics recommending that parents consider their tiredness when feeding their baby to curb their risk of falling asleep in unsafe sleeping environments, such as a sofa or armchair. The statement also advises that infants sleep in their parents' room until age 1 or at least age 6 months and that soft bedding is kept out of a baby's crib or sleep area.
  • Group Releases Updated Recommendations on Underwater Labor, Delivery. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has issued updated guidance saying that healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies of 37 to 45 weeks can receive water immersion during the first stage of labor but should not deliver in water. Those seeking underwater delivery should be informed of possible complications and insufficient studies on its perinatal benefits and risks, according to the guidelines, which were endorsed by the AAP.

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