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Council Update

Lee Shirland Lee Shirland, MS APRN NNP-BC

I am writing this NANNP council update for the first time as the new Council Chair. This is an exciting and challenging opportunity and I am truly grateful for it. I served as a founding member of the NANNP Council from 2007–2012. I remember the excitement, intimidation, and wonder I felt as I sat at the table during the very first council meeting surrounded by renowned nursing leaders. We established the vision and mission for NANNP and priorities were set for this fledging national organization during our first meeting. We redefined and aligned our mission and vision with NANN’s during our combined strategic planning meetings at the Annual Educational Conference in 2007. With this shared vision and mission, past council chairs Robin Bissinger, Deborah Sansoucie, Suzanne Stabler, Susan Meier, and the NANNP Council have guided this organization to become the recognized national voice for the neonatal advanced practice nurse. I now follow in the footsteps of these great leaders. I am both excited and intimidated. The accomplishments of the current and past council and council chairs are too numerous to detail or do justice to. However, I am excited to let you know that there will soon be a product available for mentoring new NNPs. As we struggle to maintain the NNP workforce and fill positions, mentoring can be a useful tool to retain NNPs and improve or maintain job satisfaction. The experience has been reported as being both fulfilling and rewarding for the mentor and mentee. Be watching for details of this new product and its availability.

The council is very interested in hearing what members want and need from their national organization. We will send a survey to gather this information so watch your e-mail and please participate when the survey is available. Encourage your colleagues to not only participate in the survey but become members of NANN and NANNP as well. Membership supports initiatives that improve practice, education, and advocacy, and give the advanced practice nurse the tools needed to provide quality evidenced-based care.

Please join the NANNP Council in thanking Katherine Newnam, PhD NNP-BC RN CPNP, Roxanne Stahl, MSN APRN NNP-BC, Tami Wallace, DNP APRN NNP-BC, and Susan Meier, DNP APRN NNP-BC, for their service and dedication on the council and welcome incoming council members Sandra Bellini, DNP APRN BBP-BC CNE, and Amy Koehn, PhD NNP-BC. We welcome your comments and feedback. Please contact any council member to let us know what your needs or concerns are as an advanced practice nurse and how your national organization can assist or work for you. We look forward to exciting initiatives and collaboration as we continue the excellent work that council members have accomplished since 2007.

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