Chapter Value

Chapters in turn receive value from the partnership as NANN supports them in the following ways:

  • Offers a group exemption that allows chapters to be recognized as tax-exempt organizations. 
  • Acts as the conduit for the formation of the chapter structure, which allows chapters to conduct membership activities, provide educational programs, foster professional development, and promote networking. 
  • Creates opportunities for chapter members to move into national leadership positions. 
  • Allows the use of the national organization’s name & reputation. 
  • Provides Board of Director liaison representation as well as staff liaison assistance at national headquarters. 
  • Networking opportunities with other Chapters at the NANN Annual Conference. 
  • National recognition through Chapter Awards. 
  • Discounted conference registrations for chapters who submit their annual report on time.

Chapter Resources

NANN equips Chapters with tools for easy administration:

  • Private online community group for Chapter Leaders. 
  • Membership recruitment resources: 
    • Mailing lists for recruitment efforts. 
    • Labels of members in your state/s.
    • Monthly list of new NANN members in your area.
    • Literature such as membership brochures, sample newsletter and Journal.
  • NANN table skirt available for use at local meetings.
  • Quarterly Chapter Conference calls to network, gather ideas, and connect with other chapter leaders.
  • Chapter Leader Mentoring - direct assistance from more experienced chapter leaders who are eager to help you.
  • Complimentary website and hosting through Homestead. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on chapter website set-up. 
  • Complimentary chapter dues invoicing with quarterly fund disbursements to the chapter.
  • Design of chapter logo. 

Chapter Requirements

In order to maintain this partnership chapters are required to fulfill the following:

  • Hold at least 2 meetings per calendar year.
  • Follow a fiscal year from January 1 to December 31.
  • Complete an annual chapter charter renewal and submit it by May 15.
  • At minimum, elect a president and secretary/treasurer. 
  • File an online 990-N tax report with the IRS, and provide proof of filing to the NANN office by May 15 each year. 
  • All members must be NANN members.
  • Local dues cannot be higher than national dues.

Through this partnership, NANN counts on the power of the local Chapter to:

  • Provide services and support to NANN members at the local level.
  • Foster leadership qualities.
  • Mentor leaders for national positions.
  • Encourage new graduates to enter a neonatal nursing career. 
  • Provide an avenue to bring in national members. 
  • Keep the organization in touch with the grassroots of membership, to assess trends, concerns, changing needs, etc. 
  • Cultivate engaged members that can be tapped as national level volunteers. 
  • Contribute to a sense of community within the organization. 
  • Provide marketing channels for products and services.