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NANN's Neonatal Nursing Professional Development Video Series: NICU Knowledge Share

Build your Professional Knowledge Base

Our NICU Knowledge Share Series presents NANN members in all neonatal nursing roles discussing topics and tips on everything from navigating your first year in the NICU, to bullying, communication, planning for your professional development, and more. Regardless of your neonatal nursing career stage, look for new videos on exciting topics that assist neonatal nurses across the career continuum.

How Do I Know I'm Ready For An Advanced Degree?

Kristin J. Howard, DNP APRN NNP-BC, NANNP Council member and NANN Emerging Leader, shares advice on the timing and experience related to pursuing an advanced degree as a neonatal nurse practitioner.

How and Why to Publish in Advances in Neonatal Care

Samantha Alessi, our 2019 Advances in Neonatal Care Article of the Year winner, shares helpful insights on writing for publication in ANC.

Surviving Your First Year in the NICU

Kelley Thompson, MSN RN NNP-BC shares tips for new neonatal nurses to successfully navigate their first year in the NICU.

Climbing the Clinical Ladder

Nicole Dixon, MSN RN RNC-LRN shares what neonatal nurses need to know about climbing the clinical ladder.

Effective Communication in the NICU

Britt Days, MSN RN details strategies for effective communication with families and team members in the NICU.

Prioritizing Your Professional Development

Julie Williams, DNP CRNP NNP-BC shares tips for planning out and preparing for your professional development as a neonatal nurse.