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Robyn Main Excellence in Clinical Practice Award

This award is given in honor of Robyn Main, MSN RNC, to encourage and recognize neonatal nurses who provide exemplary direct patient care.

Robyn was a staff developmental specialist and perinatal clinical nurse specialist at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, FL. She received the Florida Nurses Association "Nurses Who Make a Difference Award" and received one of the first research grants awarded by NANN. Her continued dedication to patients, families, and neonatal nursing in spite of a battle with terminal cancer was a source of inspiration to her colleagues.

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Past Recipients

2016 - Rebecca South, BSN RNC-NIC
2015 - Michelle Nicoli, RNC-CNRP IV
2014 - Barbara K. Labuda, RNC-NIC MSN
2013 - Julianne Dahl, RNC-NIC MSN
2012 - Abigail Lonergan, BSN RNC-NIC
2011 - Julie Fullerton, BSN RNC-NIC
2010 - Deanna J Speicher, BSN RNC-NIC
2009 - Barbara J. Hering, MSN RNC-NIC CCNS
2008 - Lisa Festle, MSN RNC-NIC CCNS
2007 - Jeanette Cronin, RNC BSN
2006 - Mary Anne Bennett, BSN RN
2005 - Nancy Gray, BSN RNC
2004 - Linda K Delaney, RNC
2003 - Donna Freshwater, BSN RN|
2002 - Marie Bonneman, RNC CCRN EMT-B
2001 - Marie Campbell, BSN RN
2000 - Joan Townsend, RN
1999 - Jill Herr, MSN RNC
1998 - Julie Harrell, BSN RNC
1997 - Nancy Altenburg, BSN RN
1996 - Myrna Gordon, BSN RN
1995 - Florence Gosnell, BSN RNC
1994 - Mary Short, RNC
1993 - Alison Kirse Coit, MN ARNP
1992 - Justine O'Flynn, RN
1991 - Deborah Milesky, RNC
1990 - Kristina Plaas, BSN RN
1989 - Joan Bitter, BS RNC