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Clinical Practice Products

NANN's Clinical Practice products are the core foundational elements and resources for neonatal staff nurses, nurse managers, and advanced practice nurses in NICUs all over the world. Clinical offerings may or may not include CNE credits. 

Essentials of Neonatal Nursing Orientation Lecture Series 1–10

Developmental Care of Newborn & Infants, 2nd Edition

Neonatal Nursing Transport Standards: Guideline for Practice, 3rd Edition

Neo-Care Cards

High Frequency Jet and Oscillatory Ventilation: Resource Guide

High Frequency Jet and Oscillatory Ventilation High Frequency Card: Quick Guide

Policies, Procedures, and Competencies for Neonatal Nursing Care

Newborn Pain Assessment and Management Guideline for Practice

Neonatal Nursing: Scope & Standards of Practice, 2nd Edition

Core Curriculum for Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing, 5th Edition

Resource Guide for Neonatal Cardiac Care with Illustrations

CNENow! The Management of Human Milk in the NICU

CNENow! Improving Outcomes with Colostrum Human Milk—Evidence to Guide Practice

CNENow! Introduction to Therapeutic Hypothermia

CNENow! Evaluation of Cardiac Murmurs

CNENow! Maximum Nutrition for Extremely Low Birth Weight

CNENow! Noninvasive Ventilation for the Preterm Infant

Newborn Pain Assessment and Management Guideline for Practice

Infant-Directed Oral Feeding for Premature and Critically Ill Hospitalized Infants

Pharmacology Webinar Series Package

Pharmacology Webinar Series: Rapid Sequence Intubation in the NICU

Pharmacology Webinar Series: Safe Use of Controlled Substances in the NICU

Pharmacology Webinar Series: Antimicrobial Use and Stewardship

Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters: Guidelines for Practice, 3rd Edition

Understanding Clinical Research

Understanding Clinical Research 2.0