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June 2, 2020: NANN Statement on Racial Injustice

The National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) believes in the equality of all human beings, despite race, gender, sexual identity, or creed. The events of the last week involving the tragic death of George Floyd are heartbreaking and we grieve for the unnecessary loss of his precious life. We understand that Mr. Floyd is only the most recent high-profile tragedy in a long story of racism, social injustice, and inequality. For too long, America has maintained a culture of racial disparity and we believe it is time for a change.

NANN will work with our leaders, our community, and our Health Policy and Advocacy committee to ensure that lawmakers on every level hear and understand our collective voices on these matters. We will find ways to take the action that is needed to encourage and demand the end of systemic racism in this country and our members will have opportunities to join in our legislative efforts. This is a human issue that affects us all, impacting our community of neonatal nurses, patients, and families both inside and outside the NICU.

We will not be silent.

NANN celebrates diversity and inclusion. Through every action we take, we aim to connect and welcome all people. We seek out diverse viewpoints and celebrate the unique characteristics and experiences each member, volunteer leader, customer, and staff member shares with our organization. We will continue to bring forth difficult topics, have hard conversations, and shed light into areas that have gone unchecked for too long. We are committed to creating, maintaining, and continually improving an environment of inclusion.

While you can expect updates of our advocacy, diversity, and inclusion initiatives in the coming months, we also want to hear from you. We encourage you to share your stories with our Membership Director, Molly Anderson, to let us know where and how NANN can help, what’s working and what’s not. NANN stands firmly for racial equality and alongside all Black Americans during this heartbreaking time and we recognize that there is much work to be done.

Together, we can make a change happen. Join us.


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