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CNE Credit Products

NANN is proud to offer a multitude of products to increase neonatal knowledge while helping nurses achieve required CNE credits.

Developmental Care CNE Modules 1–26

CNENow! Modules

CNENow! Bundle (Modules 1-14)

CNENow! Necrotizing Enterocolitis

CNENow! Antibiotics

CNENow! Blood Gases

CNENow! Multiple Gestations

CNENow! Patent Ductus Arteriosus: Left-to-Right Shunting

CNENow! Anemia of Prematurity: To Transfuse or Not to Transfuse

CNENow! Gastroschisis: Overview and Management

CNENow! The Management of Human Milk in the NICU

CNENow! Improving Outcomes with Colostrum Human Milk—Evidence to Guide Practice

CNENow! Positioning the Neonate for Best Outcomes

CNENow! Noninvasive Ventilation in the Preterm Infant

CNENow! Maximizing Nutrition for the Extremely Low Birth Weight Infant

CNENow! Evaluation of Cardiac Murmurs in the Newborn

CNENow! An Introduction to Therapeutic Hypothermia

Essentials of Neonatal Nursing Orientation Lecture Series 1–10

Understanding Clinical Research

Understanding Clinical Research 2.0

Neonatal Intensive Care Certification Review Course Modules 1-14

Pharmacology Webinar Series Package

Pharmacology Webinar Series: Sequence Intubation in the NICU

Pharmacology Webinar Series: Safe Use of Controlled Substances in the NICU

Pharmacology Webinar Series: National Drug Shortage Issues

Pharmacology Webinar Series: Antimicrobial Use and Stewardship