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2020 Research Summit Participants

NANN's Research Summit allows neonatal nurses currently engaged in research or evidence-based practice projects the opportunity to present their research or projects to an audience of their peers.

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2020 Research Summit: Group A – "Feeding"

Keynote/Group Leader: Teresa Johnson, PhD RN


Meghan Farquhar, BSN RN

Optimizing the Nutrition of Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants

Beth Schinkel, RN MS RD CLC

Human Milk Concentration: Point of Care Device Development

Kristine Randall, BAN RN CCRN

Impact of Infant Driven Feeding™ on the Cost of Feeding Supplies in a Regional Level IV Upper Midwest NICU

Katie George, BSN RN

Implementation of a Standardized Feeding Protocol to Decrease the Risk of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in the NICU

Marina Magalhaes, BSN RN

The Role of Pasteurized Human Donor Milk versus Mother's Own Milk on Intestinal Inflammation in Preterm Very Low Birth Weight Infants


2020 Research Summit: Group B – "Training"

Keynote/Group Leader: Lori Rubarth, NNP-BC PhD RN


Robert Mele, DNP NNP-BC CCRN

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP) Use of Ultrasonography to Verify Umbilical Venous Catheter (UVC) Position in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Kathryn Williams, RN MSN CNL RNC-NIC

Evaluating Communication Effectiveness between Nurses, Neonatal Nurse Practitioners, and Neonatologists in a Level IV NICU

Anisa Ogboenyiya, PhD RN

Associations of Burnout, Missed Nursing Care, and Job Satisfaction Among Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses

Katherine Newnam, PhD NNP-BC

Comparing Patient Outcome Metrics in the NICU Based on Care Delivery Model

Colleen Moss, NNP-BC

Implementation of a Formalized Mentoring Program for NNPs


2020 Research Summit: Group C – "Patient Care"

Keynote/Group Leader: Jacqueline McGrath, PhD RN FNAP FAAN


Jane Ralphe, RN MSN PNP NNP-BC

Examining the Association Between Respiratory Care Interventions and VLBW Infant Body Temperature

Genesee Hornung, MSN RN CNS CPNP-PC

Boosting the Bundle: Implementing Nursing Practice Changes in a NICU to Reduce CLABSI

Alyssa Weiss, NNP-BC MSN

Exploring Internal Facilitators' Experience with NeoECHO to Foster NEC Prevention and Timely Recognition through the iPARHIS Lens

Kristen Etten, DNP

Implementation of an Evidence-Based Guideline for the Late Preterm Infant on the Mother-Baby Unit


2020 Research Summit: Group D – "Education Et Al."

Keynote/Group Leader: Debra Brandon, CCNS FAAN PhD RN


Sabrina Rhoads, BSN RNC-NIC

Implementation and Evaluation of an Evidence-Based Neonatal Program for Emergency Services

Laura Graves, BSN RNC-NIC

Improving Postoperative Pain Management in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Beverly Capper, MSN RNC

Mothers’ Decision-Making Concerning Safe Sleep for Preterm Infants: What are the Influencing Factors?

Ivy Razmus, PhD RN CWOCN

Pressure Injury Prevention Neonatal Survey