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Coronavirus Disease 2019: The Neonate, Risk for Vertical Transmission and Perinatal/ Neonatal Management Strategies

Although evidence is accumulating to inform adult care, relatively little published data is currently available to guide the care of infants born to women who have, or are suspected to have, COVID-19 around the time of delivery. In this webinar, Desi Newberry, DNP, NNP-BC, Clinical Assistant Professor, East Carolina University College of Nursing, and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, WakeMed Raleigh, will discuss the Coronavirus pandemic in terms of modes of transmission, symptomology and epidemiology. She will also guide the learner through neonatal clinical manifestations, laboratory and radiologic findings for COVID-19 as described by the Chinese expert consensus and identify perinatal and neonatal management strategies for persons under investigation (PUI) as outlined by the Chinese expert consensus and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Yes, You Can Present at NANN Next Year!

This free presentation will cover the basics of submitting a successful NANN abstract. Instructions, guidelines, helpful hints, and expert opinion will educate the learner to write an abstract for submission to NANN’s educational conference and Research Summit. Anyone interested in submitting an abstract to NANN in the next year will understand best practice tips and resources to guide their writing.

Membership Has Its Benefits: The Role of Professional Organizations in Cultivating Leadership Skills

In this webinar, 2018-2020 NANN President Joan Rikli presents the benefits of professional membership and how belonging to NANN can serve as an asset to your professional growth. Learn about the many resources that NANN offers its members and opportunities to volunteer where your leadership skills can be honed and applied. You’ll also hear about Joan’s own experience in growing in leadership to become the president of NANN.

Transitioning into a Leadership Role: Successes and Challenges

The absence of an adequate, consistent leadership pipeline has been cited as a key challenge in nursing today. Strong leadership is critical if the vision of a transformed health care system is to be realized. Presented by Pam Spivey, this webinar will explore opportunities in leadership development available to participants through active engagement in the National Association of Neonatal Nurses and beyond.

State of the NNP Workforce

The neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP) workforce is an evolving and dynamic environment. Tune in to watch an engaging and fast-paced webinar led by industry experts. Whether you’re considering changing jobs, getting ready to hire, or pondering becoming an NNP - this webinar will provide a well-rounded perspective and give you an in-depth understanding of the NNP workforce now and into the future.

National Nurse Act

NANN is excited to present a webinar on the National Nurse Act of 2019. Presented by Melody Butler BSN, RN, CIC, Founding Executive Director and President of Nurses Who Vaccinate, this webinar will walk you through the basics of the legislation. Learn about what this legislation does, why it is important, and how to support the legislation moving forward!

Best of NANN Conference Recordings

These presentations are supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Pampers - a member of the Procter and Gamble Family.

Neonatal Skin: How Science Improves Neonatal Skin Care in the NICU

Stream the state of the art science workshop on skin care in the NICU. This video presents a strategy to successfully address the multiple skin issues that challenge nurses in the routine care of premature and full term NICU patients. The causes of skin compromise serve as the basis for evidence-based approach for facilitating skin development, preventing skin damage and restoring damage if it occurs. Assessment methods and knowledge gaps will be presented.

Every Interaction Matters: Integration of Developmental Care in the NICU

This presentation will cover the rationale and practices of developmental care to support long-term outcomes in preterm infants. Strategies for providing care while promoting brain and sensory development will be discussed, as well as the incorporation of parents into these practices. The importance of every infant interaction and the mitigation pain and discomfort will be addressed in order to best prepare the preterm infant for an optimal future.

Supporting Auditory Development in the Premature and High-risk Infant: We Don't Get Do-overs!

The auditory cortex undergoes rapid growth and development in the third trimester, but most NICU patients are exposed to too much noise and too little positive auditory stimuli. By understanding their needs and the sources of unwanted sound, we can devise strategies to enhance auditory development in existing NICUs and new construction. While many of these strategies require a commitment by the organization as a whole, parents and caregivers still have a major role and impact on the long-term auditory development of each baby.

Additional Resources

Age-Appropriate Care of the Premature and Critically Ill Hospitalized Infant

This guideline focuses on the care of all premature and critically ill hospitalized newborns, regardless of their specific disease.

Positioning the Neonate for the Best Outcomes

This learning module covers the best practices for proper positioning and includes a post-test for CNE. This learning resource is supported by Pampers, part of the Procter & Gamble Family.

Understanding Clinical Research

A self-paced learning module designed to familiarize you with the principles of conducting and using research. The module is divided into five sections: Foundations of Research, Research Design and Measurement, Statistical Analysis, Review of a Research Article, and Application of Learning.

Precepting the Advanced Practice Nurse: From Expert RN to Novice NNP

Precepting the Advanced Practice Nurse is an immediate access, downloadable and invaluable guide for those engaged in precepting neonatal nurse practitioners. It discusses current theories and published evidence on the teaching and learning experience and offers practical examples and tools that will enhance the quality of preceptorships for both preceptor and preceptee.