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Beyond the Bedside 

By Misty Williams, MSN RNC-NIC

NANN Footprints: Stories from the NICU October 2021

kayla harrington awardFive years ago, I stepped away from direct bedside care. My professional growth was leading in me in another direction as a clinical specialist at a different hospital.  I was nervous, excited and scared at the same time. I had been working in the same level IV NICU for twelve years since graduating from nursing school. My coworkers were like family and the thought of leaving was both terrifying and exciting at the same time. At the bedside, my job satisfaction derived from the personal care that I provided to my patients and families. Was I going to miss that interaction? 

Looking back now, I can say that taking that risk and embracing change has brought immense personal and professional growth as well as job satisfaction. My work influences all patients in the unit even though I do not personally care for them. My role mentors and encourages others to be passionate in their neonatal nursing career. There are numerous avenues for success whether it is quality improvement, research, national certification, or simply learning a new fact or skill. There are so many areas to ignite your passion. Do not be afraid to step aside out of your comfort zone – that is where you can achieve the greatest personal growth. Beyond the bedside is an amazing place to be as I watch those who work alongside me spread their wings and fly!

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