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Join the NANN Delegation to Vietnam!

The National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) is organizing a delegation to Vietnam for the purpose of meeting with our Vietnamese counterparts as we learn about the challenges and advances of neonatal healthcare delivery in Vietnam. The delegation takes place in March 2018.

Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in professional meetings and meaningful site visits each day. Delegate interests will be taken into account in determining the final topics that will be covered; however, a sample of topics has been preliminarily identified as the following:

1.    Examine the healthcare delivery system in Vietnam, with specific emphasis on maternal/infant care.
2.    Discuss public health concerns including infant mortality.
3.    Explore delivery of acute care and long-term follow-up for high-risk infants.
4.    Gain insight into the education preparation of nurses for entry level and specialty practice.
5.    Develop intercultural competence.
6.    Learn how NANN nurses can support nursing practice and impact outcomes of infants in Vietnam.

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